Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Learning Challenge: Review your schedule

Hey All!

Definitely getting a better handle on my schedule now that we are into the 7th week of classes. I have definitely been taking advantage of the extra credit opportunities more this time around than when I had taken Indian Epics. I have looked back a couple of times on how I had originally planned out my schedule for this class, but as I have figured out how to do my assignments for other courses, I have revised my schedule for this class. I typically work on my blog comments throughout the week and then complete the quizzes once I have completed all the feedback comments and blog comments. Majority of the assignments I complete over the weekend and start partially working on the next week's assignments.

Starting this week actually, I want to try to complete my project assignment before the weekend, but sometimes by quizzes and homework assignments during the week always have me pushing the project assignment to be completed on Friday or Saturday night.

Here's a picture of Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, whom I sometimes imagine is my clock in my house:)


Reading Notes: South Africa, Part B

South Africa: Jackal, Dove, and Heron by James Honey

- Jackal wants one of the dove's young's: dove gave one
- Jackal back again: gives another one
- Heron sees the dove crying...Heron explains how can a Jackal who can't fly, come up to her nest. 
- Jackal comes again, this time dove says no...Jackal moves to encounter Heron at banks of water
- Jackal breaks Heron's neck and since that day, its neck is bent

Reading Notes: South Africa, Part A

South Africa: The Monkey's Fiddle by James Honey

- Hunger and want force the monkey to move...finds shelter with uncle
- worked and wanted to return home..received: fiddle and a bow and arrow and told him that with the bow and arrow he could hit and kill anything he desired, and with the fiddle he could force anything to dance.
- encountered Brer Wolf and killed a deer for meal
- wolf becomes jealous and wants the bow..monkey says no
- Jackal comes and wolf spins a story saying that the monkey stole his bow and arrow
- "The fiddle was still at Monkey's side, and he received as a last favor from the court the right to play a tune on it. He was a master player of his time, and in addition to this came the wonderful power of his charmed fiddle. Thus, when he struck the first note of "Cockcrow" upon it, the court began at once to show an unusual and spontaneous liveliness, and before he came to the first waltzing turn of the old tune the whole court was dancing like a whirlwind."
- "I do not want it," answered Monkey, "but withdraw the sentence and give me my bow and arrow, and you, Wolf, acknowledge that you stole it from me."
- everyone is now afraid and disperses

The Monkey

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Week 5 Review

This week's video I watched a Mindset Video. She shared some thoughts from the perspective of evolutionary biology: mental 'deficits' are hidden strengths.
- There is not a perfect definition, there is variation that exists in so many aspects. She used students who are very high on the Autism spectrum as an example to show that these students are able to see things that an average person might not be able to. They are able to pick on trends that others may not able to pick up on as well as there ability to process data. 

My favorite picture on the 7 day feed way this one. Oh it brings back so many memories. Nowadays many of the bangris are actually metal, rather than glass because on easy to put them on without the extra caution. Also, love the detail of the henna, this past winter I had also got henna done. I am a big fan of bangels, they really do make your outfit look so much better! 

Learning Challenge: YOGA!!

The article I read for the Learning my H.E.A.R.T assignment was 6 Yoga Exercises You Won’t Be Embarrassed to Do at Your Desk by Linda Steinberg

Some of the exercises I already do are the neck stretch, shoulder rolls, and chair twist..I am going to start incorporating the twisted arms, reverses prayer pose, and open chest stretch into my deskercizes. It really can be taxing on my neck and shoulder when I am studying or working on schoolwork on my laptop. Sometimes I really wish there was something created would hold a paper version of a textbook in front of me rather than me having to be bent over all the time to read a textbook so I can highlight easily. 

Reverse Prayer Pose
Seems a bit tough but definitely think I can do it...

Growth Mindset: Challenge: Make a Mindset Motto or Mantra

Take a deep breath, because slow and steady win the race is something I started saying to myself when I was preparing for my first college exam. I was studying constantly and afraid that I would forget everything once I got to the exam and was constantly stressed. My parents would tell me form time to time that stress will have an effect on my health. The weird thing is that I tend to feel more stressed and bundled in tension for all my science exams and I always repeat to myself take a deep breath, you've got this, slow and steady....

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Tech Tip: Canvas Calendar

Hey all!

So as we're getting further into the semester I definitely have a better idea of how my schedule is working. I hate that I always struggle to figure out a schedule I can stick to right from the beginning, but hey you know you learn as you progress right? Now that we are in week 5, I have such a better understanding of my schedule and time management. Time management is so crucial to maintain a balance between physical and mental health as well as personal care. As you all can tell I tend to be the overachiever by nature and sometimes that can carve into my personal time that I have set aside, but having a calendar to keep me accountable and remind me of due dates helps me tremendously. I imported the Canvas Calendar for this class into my Mac calendar and I love that I get due date reminders the day before and the day of. For example, for this class buckle down and do majority of the work Friday and Saturday mornings and do the blog comments throughout the week. Additionally, I work ahead on the reading notes, so definitely winning in that aspect. Okay, back to time management, the calendar on my desktop definitely keeps accountable on for my time. I definitely plan my personal care hours into my calendar and then schedule anything fun I would like to do with friends.

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Prioritizing is a Game Changer!

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part B

Ramayana: The Birth of Rama by Donald A. Mackenzie
  • Mareech has taken on the form of the golden deer, Sita sees it and wants it
  • Laksh is skeptical for it may be an illusion 
  • Ram goes on the hunt, he figures out he's being duped, but before he could finish off Mareech, Mareech cries for help as Ram causing Sita to panic and insist on Laksh going into the forest, making him break his brother's direct order leaving Sita alone and unguarded

  • The devil in disguise:
    • Lakshman is runs off in search of Ram
    • Ravan arrives at the cottage dressed as a poor old hermit 
    • Sita receives him with respect 
    • Ravan transforms to his actual self 
    • Sita is telling Ravan to flee before Ram comes back 
    • Apparently Ravan was cursed that if he touched a woman without her consent that he would die that instant...thus he pulls the ground under Sita and places it in his chariot and speeds off. 
    • Jatayu tries to stop Ravan, Jatayu was successful in stirring a storm and bringing the chariot down..
    • Unfortunately Ravan uses his master weapon gifted by Shiv called Chandrahasa and finished Jatayu
    • Jatayu fights to stay alive until Ram comes
    • Ravan carries Sita to Lanka

Reading Notes: Ramayana, Part A

Ramayana: The Birth of Rama by Donald A. Mackenzie

Valmiki invented poetry and through that and the order of Brahma he wrote the Ramayana. 

- Now the capital of Kosala was Ayodhya, which shone in splendour like to Indra's celestial city; it had wide streets with large dwellings, richly decorated temples, towering like mountains, and grand and noble palaces.<-- lots of imagery to envision the city and the people
- The city of Ayodhya was full of prosperous and happy people.
- King Dasharatha
Ruler of the kingdom of Koshala
strong and powerful, loved by his people
life of sorrow, no sons from any of the three wives
King of Solar dynasty
resolved to perform the Aswamedha (horse sacrifice)
An oblation was afterwards offered to the gods, who came to the place of sacrifice with the music-loving Gandharvas, the Celestial saints, the Siddhas, and seven Deva-rishis....the gods promise that 4 sons will be born
- Brief mention on Ravana and his boon...Vishnu divides himself among the 4 sons to combat Ravana.

Horse Sacrifice

Extra Credit Reading

Jataka Tales: The Elephant and the Dog by Ellen C. Babbitt

This story reminded of a film I watched a couple of years ago, maybe y'all remember it, but it is about a horse and a dog that become best friends and share every meal together as well. When the horse becomes sick the dog is there to comfort him. 

Quick notes about the story: 
- Love how the story encompasses two best friends not based on size, type of creature, or anything else. 
Some of my favorite quotes with powerful meanings:
- Day after day the Dog went to the stable, waiting around for bits to eat. But by and by the Elephant and the Dog came to be great friends. Then the Elephant began to share his food with the Dog, and they ate together. When the Elephant slept, his friend the Dog slept beside him. When the Elephant felt like playing, he would catch the Dog in his trunk and swing him to and fro. Neither the Dog nor the Elephant was quite happy unless the other was nearby.
- The king's Elephant missed the Dog and did not care to eat when his friend was not there to share the food. When the time came for the Elephant to bathe, he would not bathe. The next day again the Elephant would not eat, and he would not bathe. The third day, when the Elephant would neither eat nor bathe, the king was told about it.
- When the farmer who had bought the Dog heard this, he turned him loose. The Dog ran back as fast as ever he could go to the Elephant's stable. The Elephant was so glad to see the Dog that he picked him up with his trunk and put him on his head. Then he put him down again.
- When the Elephant-keeper brought food, the Elephant watched the Dog as he ate, and then took his own food. <-- This quote is so powerful in the sense that it shows how much the Elephant cares about the Dog, reminded me so much of how my mom looks at me after I come home from a long day.
Best Friends Reunited: The Elephant and the Dog